NeuLash Review

Product Overview

NeuLash is a great way to protect the eyelashes against aggressors that make it short, thin, and brittle, while at the same time making it stronger and healthier than before. These aggressors include eyelash extensions, cheap mascara, eyelash curlers, makeup removers, and tinting perm treatments, which were all intended to make the lashes appear thicker, longer, darker, and fuller. With the use of NeuLash, however, you can forego all of these artificial treatments for a safer and more effective one.

Company behind the Product

NeuLash is manufactured and distributed by Skin Research Laboratories of Chatsworth, California. It is also available at Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus stores.

What You Get

NeuLash is a combination of bioengineered polypeptides, essential proteins, and natural skin vitamins that work together to hydrate, strengthen, and replenish the structure of the eyelashes. The product is applied once everyday, at the base of the eyelashes using an applicator brush.

NeuLash was designed to improve the appearance of the eyelashes by increasing strand volume, strengthening hair follicles, adding moisture, improving hair elasticity, and soothing the lash base. It also contains pumpkin seed extract to nourish the eyelashes and licorice extract to soothe and brighten the area around the eyes.

Product Guarantee

The website of NeuLash does not mention any product guarantee to back it up, but some customers have said that the company guarantees its products. They didn’t provide any details, though.

What I Like About It

NeuLash has a very impressive list of ingredients that sums up the quality of this product. In fact, NeuLash has undergone an independent clinical study and shown positive results when it comes to the increase of fullness of eyelashes, increase in eyelash width, increase in eyelash angle curl, increase in eyelash diameter, and darkening of the eyelash. It has also been tested safe by ophthalmologists and dermatologists and passed the Safety Status tests in the United States and European Union.

What I Don’t Like

Some customers have said that the application of NeuLash has resulted in the darkening of their eyelids. Scientists believe this is due to the presence of a prostaglandin. Others have reported a mild tingling sensation, which is sometimes followed by redness and itching. NeuLash has been specifically formulated to be applied only to the eyelashes. If applied incorrectly, these side effects may occur.

Do I Recommend It?

Yes. NeuLash comes with a clear and understandable set of instructions that, when followed correctly, naturally results in thicker, fuller, darker, and longer eyelashes.